Something about logic…

It may be because one of my careers was designing and writing software, and computers are fundamentally stupid and require rigorous adherence to logic. Or, it might be that I designed and wrote software because I’m fundamentally stupid and require rigorous adherence to logic. Chicken or egg? At any rate, I’m over here writing to me, myself and I instead of on FB where there are a handful of folks who read my scribblings, because so much of the polemic political posturing is, wait for it…stupid and utterly illogical.

So, when I looked at Maggie’s Farm this morning and saw some blindingly obvious, logical observations about both healthcare and education by Arnold Kling, I had to look into it.

He starts off thusly:

1. The U.S. leads the world in health care spending per person, but not in health care outcomes. Many people look at that and say that health care costs too much in the U.S., and we should be able to get the same our better outcomes by sending less. Maybe that is correct, maybe not. That is not the point here. But–

2. the U.S. leads the world in K-12 education spending per student, but not in student outcomes. Yet nobody, says that education costs too much and that we should spend less. Except–

3. me. I believe that we spend way too much on K-12 education.

And me, too. By all means, read the rest.

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