“I want everyone to stop using the word “gender” for anything other than masculine and feminine nouns. I am male. I am of the male sex. I am not of the male gender. You do not have choice in participating in your sexual identity, contrary to all fashionable nonsense of the era. “Gender” is akin to the Marxist use of the word “exploitation”. It is ideologically loaded; it is nonsense on stilts. Biology is not a social construct.” — Written by one of those bloggers who, for whatever reason, won’t use a “real” name. Found here.

Oh, and by the way, I agree totally and unreservedly. I’m certainly open to the thought that we need to be willing for men and women to dress, walk and talk in ways other than how John Wayne or Rita Hayworth dressed, walked and talked, but let’s be serious. Once a man, always a man. And vice versa.

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