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September 10, 2001

It’s a stretch to remember what concerned me fifteen years ago, on September 10. 2001.

William Butler Yeats wrote Easter, 1916 in part describing Easter Sunday, April 23, 1916, the day before the Easter Rising, and how after Easter Monday:

  He, too, has resigned his part
  In the casual comedy;
  He, too, has been changed in his turn,
  Transformed utterly:
  A terrible beauty is born.

And W. H. Auden, in September 1, 1939 covered the same ground as Germany poised to invade Poland:

  Uncertain and afraid
  As the clever hopes expire
  Of a low dishonest decade:
  Waves of anger and fear
  Circulate over the bright
  And darkened lands of the earth,
  Obsessing our private lives;
  The unmentionable odour of death.

I can’t help noticing a significant difference that we face today, however.

The Irish Republic was established three years after the Rising, and WWII had come to an end in just under six years after the invasion of Poland, long, terrible years that they were in both cases, but the still the denouement was achieved.

And here we are, fifteen years later.

I had no idea. Did you?

Have you found the poem describing September 10, 2001? Is it too soon?

h/t to Gerard Van der Leun